Publications and Reports

S. No. Date Document Name
1.Nov-2015Information and Communication Mapping Report
2.Nov-2015Swachh Vidyalaya: Digital Driving Delivery
3.Nov-2015FAQ on U-DISE
4.Nov-2015U-DISE Data Collection Guidelines
5.Nov-2015Self Help Guide for U-DISE
6.Nov-2015What is the National Achievement Survey
7.Nov-2015Why NAS Matters?
8.Nov-2015Why Data Matters?
9.Nov-2015Why Planning Matters?
10.Nov-2015NAS Class V Summary Report- Cycle 4
11.Nov-2015NAS Class VIII Technical Report- Cycle 3
12.May-2016Large Scale Learning Assessments- A Handbook for the Indian Context
13.May-2016Characteristics of Teachers Teaching Mathematics and Science
14.May-2016NAS Class X Summary Report
15.May-2016Report on State Level U-DISE Review
16.May-2016U-DISE Data Quality Assurance Report
17.May-2016Design for U-DISE Data Validation Tool (U-DVT)
18.May-2016Guidelines to Develop EMIS for Education Department
19.May-2016Information Management and Use (U-DISE) Review Report
20.May-2016Research Priority Framework- Secondary Education
21.May-2016Research Quality Assessment Framework
22.May-2016Demographic Transition and Education Planning
23.May-2016Equity and Efficiency in Expansion of Secondary Schools
24.May-2016Efficient School Citing using GIS Modelling
25.May-2016The Shifting Terrain of Public and Private Provision
26.May-2016Making it Past Elementary Education
27.May-2016Cost and Equity in Accessing Secondary Education
28.May-2016Private Tuition: Extent, Pattern and Determinants
29.May-2016Equity in Access and Learning
30.May-2016Policy Brief 1- Constraints on Achievement of RMSA Targets
31.May-2016Policy Brief 2- Equity Implications for Expansion of Secondary Education
32.May-2016Policy Brief 3- Efficient Use of Resources to Expand Secondary Education
33.May-2016How to Guide for Decentralised Planning
34.May-2016Model Community Procurement Guidelines
35.May-2016RMSA AWP&P Appraisal Guide
36.May-2016RMSA AWP&B Monitoring Framework
37.May-2016School Development and Performance Management Baseline Report
38.May-2016School Performance Management International Practices
39.May-2016A Guide to Quality Assessment
40.May-2016School Quality Indicators
41.May-2016Training Design for School Evaluation
42.May-2016Guidelines to Develop HRIS for Education Departments
43.May-2016Human Resources Policy Development Guidelines
44.May-2016RMSA Teacher In-service Training Evaluation
45.May-2016Systematic Review Madhya Pradesh
46.May-2016Systematic Review karnataka
47.May-2016Systematic Review Assam
48.May-2016Teacher Management Needs Assessment Report
49.May-2016Teacher Management in India: A Documentary Analysis of the current situation
50.May-2016Policy Brief 4: Characteristics of Schools with Better Performing Students
51.May-2016Policy Brief 5- Characteristics of Teachers Teaching Mathematics and Science
52.May-2016Policy Brief 6- Improving In-service Teacher Training
53.May-2016Information Note 1- Initial Evidence on School Size and Siting
54.May-2016Information Note 2- Improving Teacher Management and Development: Key themes for State Level Reform
55.May-2016Information Note 3- Improving Teacher Management and Development: Developing Key Themes for HRMIS
56.May-2016How to Guide 1- Item Writing for Large Scale Assessment Surveys
57.May-2016How to Guide 2- Linguistic Quality Assurance in Large Scale Learning Assessments
58.May-2016How to Guide 3- Field Operations in Large Scale Learning Assessments
59.May-2016How to Guide 4- Data Management in Large Scale Learning Assessments
60.May-2016How to Guide 5- Sampling in Large Scale Learning Assessments
61.May-2016How to Guide 6- Data Analysis and Interpretation in Large Scale Learning Assessments
62.May-2016Guidelines for Teacher Continuous Professional Development for RMSA
63.Jun-2016Secondary School Preparedness Program- Framework
64.Jun-2016Teacher Demand and Supply Study
65.Jun-2016Final Report- Technical Assistance to Accelerate RMSA
66.Jun-2016Formative Evaluation: RMSA In-service Teacher Training Evaluation
67.Jun-2016Accelerating Progress towards RMSA Goals
68.Jun-2016Context Study Tools and Report-Bihar
69.Jun-2016Context Study Tools and Report-Madhya Pradesh
70.Jun-2016Context Study Tools and Report-Odisha
71.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Papers- Bihar
72.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Papers- Odisha
73.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Papers- Madhya Pradesh
74.Jun-2016Analyzing the Diagnostic Test Data
75.Jun-2016Analysis of Diagnostic Test-Bihar
76.Jun-2016Analysis of Diagnostic Tests-Odisha
77.Jun-2016Analysis of Diagnostic Tests-Madhya Pradesh
78.Jun-2016Material Development- Madhya Pradesh
79.Jun-2016Material Development- Bihar
80.Jun-2016Material Development- Odisha
81.Jun-2016Teacher Training- Bihar
82.Jun-2016Teacher Training- Odisha
83.Jun-2016Monitoring Tools- Bihar
84.Jun-2016State Experiences- Monitoring and Support Bihar
85.Jun-2016Findings and Analysis of Post Intervention Tests Bihar
86.Jun-2016Findings and Analysis of Post Intervention Tests Madhya Pradesh
87.Jun-2016Case Study- Bihar
88.Jun-2016Case Study-Odisha
89.Jun-2016Case Study-Madhya Pradesh
90.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Analysis- Odisha
91.Jun-2016Programme Logic Model for SSPP
92.Jun-2016Learning Indicators- Bihar
93.Jun-2016Learning Indicators- Madhya Pradesh
94.Jun-2016Sample Learning Indicators
95.Jun-2016Secondary School Preparedness Programmme Handbook
96.Jun-2016GIS Based Analysis for Planning School Locations

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