Publications and Reports

S. No. Date Document Name
1.Dec-2014RMSA - Equity Action Plan (EAP)
2.Aug-2014Framework for Implementation of RMSA
3.Jan-2012RMSA Innovations Guidelines
4.Dec-2011RMSA - Environment Management Framework
5.Oct-2014On-line submission of Monthly Progress Report
6.Dec-2014Quality Guidelines
7.Dec-2014Equity Guidelines
8.Aug-2014Guidelines on planning for disabled
9.Dec-2014Access Guidelines
10.Dec-2014Guidelines for school infrastructure and strengthening
11.Aug-2014Excerpts of framework for implementation of RMSA regarding physical infrastructural development
12.Aug-2014Norms for approving new secondary schools under RMSA
13.Aug-2014Relevant provision on access and school mapping
14.Aug-2014Checklist for civic work proposal
15.Aug-2014Construction practices and quality control tests
16.Aug-2014Extraction of National Building code of India (BIS)
17.Aug-2014Tips for SDMC for construction works
18.Apr-2014Training modules on science and mathematics by NCERT
19.Feb-2014Cancellation of new schools under RMSA programme (J&K)
20.Feb-2014Instructions for implementing Integrated RMSA
21.Dec-2013School Leadership Programme of School heads in the state in collaboration with NCSL, NUEPA
22.Dec-2013NRG Notification for RMSA
23.Jul-2013Resolution - Integration of ICT, IEDSS, GH and VE under RMSA (English)
24.Jul-2013Resolution - Integration of ICT, IEDSS, GH and VE under RMSA (Hindi)
25.Jun-2013Usage of Indian Language Fonts and Software tools in Govt. departments
26.Mar-2013Reschedule of PAB 2013-14
27.Jan-2013Cancellation of new schools under RMSA in Tamil Naidu
28.Dec-2012DO letter regarding planning and formulation of Annual Plan
29.Dec-2012Letter to State Education Secretaries regarding Prohibition of Unfair Practice in Schools bill, 2012
30.Dec-2012Prohibition of Unfair Practice – Final Draft
31.Sep-2012Implementation of U-DISE for 2012-13
32.Jul-2015Letter to SPDs regarding preparation of procurement plan under RMSA
33.Jul-2012Engagement of MIs for 3rd Party Monitoring work of RMSA
34.Jul-2012Letter dated 12.07.2012-Delayed laying of Annual Reports
35.Jul-2012Letter dated 25th July 2012 on E-procurement
36.May-2012RMSA Annual Plan 2012-13
37.Mar-2012Letter to State Education Secretaries regarding the clarification of utilization of school grant
38.Mar-2012Draft Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Schools Bill 2012-Hindi Version
39.Jul-2015Letter regarding adoption of e-procurement
40.Nov-2011Letter regarding Constitution of School Management Committee under RTE Act
41.Aug-2011Letter regarding Additional Teachers in existing Govt. secondary schools under RMSA
42.Mar-2011Submission of Annual Report and Audited Accounts
43.Mar-2015Setting up of National Mission on RMSA
44.Mar-2015Report on Cabe Committee
45.Mar-2015Approval for 2014-15
46.Mar-2015Approval for 2013-14
47.Mar-2015Approval for 2011-12
48.Mar-2015Approval for 2010-11
49.Mar-2015Approval for 2009-10
50.Mar-2015Status of Teacher Recruitment as on Oct. 2014
51.Mar-2015Status of Teacher Training as on Nov. 2014
52.Mar-2015Unit cost of Toilet Blocks under RMSA for 2014-15
54.Apr-2017Expression of Interest (EOI) for Services of a Consultancy Organization
55.Apr-2017Minutes of first meeting of Consultancy Evaluation Committee (CEC) on EoI for review/appraisal of RMSA
56.Apr-2017Minutes of second meeting of CEC for selection of consultant for review/appraisal of RMSA

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