Publications and Reports

S. No. Date Document Name
1.Dec-2012Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Monitoring of RMSA by the Monitoring Institutes (2012-14)
2.Mar-2015Check List for 1st RMSA JRM as amended by JS
3.Mar-2015RMSA 1st JRM Aide Memoire 25.01.13 FINAL
4.Mar-2015State Report of Andhra Pradesh
5.Mar-2015State Report of Mizoram
6.Mar-2015State Report of Orissa
7.Mar-2015State Report of Punjab
8.Mar-2015State Report of Rajasthan
9.Mar-2015ToRs for first RMSA JRM final
10.Mar-20152nd Jrm Aide Memmiore
11.Mar-2015Action taken on 1st JRM recommendation-Compilation 23 July 2013Action taken on 1st JRM recommendation-CompilaAction taken on 1st JRM recommendation-Compilation 23 July 2013tion 23 July 2013
12.Mar-2015JRM Schedule_July 26, 2013
17.Mar-2015RMSA_Aide Memoire_Annexes
18.Mar-2015Presentation by Andhra Pradesh
19.Mar-2015Presentation by DFID
20.Mar-2015Presentation by Gujarat
21.Mar-2015Presentation by Kerla
22.Mar-2015Presentation by NCERT
23.Mar-2015Presentation by Uttrakhand
24.Mar-2015presentation by ap
25.Mar-2015presentation by haryana
26.Mar-2015presentation by hp
27.Mar-2015presentation by mhrd_Deputy_secretary
28.Mar-2015presentation by MHRD_director_school_1
29.Mar-2015presentation by mizoram
30.Mar-2015presentation by nuepa
31.Mar-2015presentation by tca
32.Mar-2015presentation by tripura
33.Mar-2015presentation by world bank
34.Mar-2015presntation by tamil naidu
35.Mar-2015presentation by chatisgarh
36.Mar-2015Presentation by Karnataka
37.Mar-2015Presentation by Maharashtra
38.Mar-2015Presentation by MHRD_teacher
39.Mar-2015Presentation by NCERT
40.Mar-2015Presentation by Punjab
41.Mar-2015Presentation by Himachal Pradesh on UDISE
42.Mar-2015Presentation by Punjab
43.Mar-2015Presentation by Uttar Pradesh
44.Mar-20153rd Jrm Aide Memmiore
45.Mar-2015Annexes 3rd Jrm Aide Memmiore
46.Mar-20154th JRM Aide Memoire
47.Oct-20168th JRM Aide Memmiore

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