Publications and Reports

S. No. Date Document Name
1.Mar-2012National Policy on ICT
2.Aug-2014Scheme for construction and running of Girls Hostel
3.Dec-2014RMSA - Equity Action Plan (EAP)
4.Aug-2014Framework for Implementation of RMSA
5.Jan-2012RMSA Innovations Guidelines
6.Dec-2011RMSA - Environment Management Framework
7.Oct-2014On-line submission of Monthly Progress Report
8.Dec-2014Quality Guidelines
9.Dec-2014Equity Guidelines
10.Aug-2014Guidelines on planning for disabled
11.Dec-2014Access Guidelines
12.Dec-2014Guidelines for school infrastructure and strengthening
13.Aug-2014Excerpts of framework for implementation of RMSA regarding physical infrastructural development
14.Aug-2014Norms for approving new secondary schools under RMSA
15.Aug-2014Relevant provision on access and school mapping
16.Aug-2014Checklist for civic work proposal
17.Aug-2014Construction practices and quality control tests
18.Aug-2014Extraction of National Building code of India (BIS)
19.Aug-2014Tips for SDMC for construction works
20.Feb-2011Revised guidelines of ICT scheme
21.Dec-2010ICT@Schools- revised scheme model bid document
22.Dec-2014Interim report based on the evaluation report- Third party
23.Jun-2014Minutes of the 1st NRG Meeting- 15th May 2014
24.Jan-2014Notification for NRG
25.Jun-2013Final version of operational guidelines for NVEQF/NSQF
26.Feb-2014Guidelines for performance based incentives under VE
27.Mar-2014Revised centrally sponsored scheme of vocationalisation of secondary and higher secondary education
28.Jun-2016Financial Norms for Girls Hostel scheme
29.Aug-2014IEDSS Guidelines
30.Jan-2012Planning and appraisal manual for secondary education (PAM)
31.Aug-2014Planning for Secondary Education
32.Jan-2014Approach and Principles of Planning
33.Dec-2014Access to secondary education
34.Dec-2014Civil works
36.Dec-2014Inclusive education for CWSN
37.Dec-2014Quality under RMSA
39.Dec-2014Financial Management
40.Dec-2014Community Participation, Mobilisation and SMDC
41.Aug-2014Note on Preparation of Annual Work Plan and Budget (including chapterisation)
42.Aug-2014Project Monitoring System (PMS)-User Manual
43.Aug-2014Overview format for AWP&B
44.Aug-2014Detailed costing sheet along with Progress report
45.Aug-2014Model Tables
46.Aug-2014Check-list of information / documents to be submitted
47.Nov-2014Schedule of PAB’s meeting for the AWP&B for 2015-16
48.Dec-2014Financial Management Guidelines
49.Jan-2012Manual on Financial Management and Procurement (FMP) Manual
50.Aug-2014Checklist for Audit Report
51.May-2012Minutes of Second National Level Review Meeting of Finance Conrtollers under RMSA held on 4th May 2012
52.Dec-2011Minutes with Annexures of 1st National Level Review Meeting of Finance Controllers of RMSA
53.Jul-2012Minutes with Annexures of 3rd National Level Review Meeting of Finance Controllers of RMSA (as on 30th July
54.Dec-2012Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Monitoring of RMSA by the Monitoring Institutes (2012-14)
55.Jul-2014Semis flash statistics 2013-14
56.Jul-2014Social Assessment report of RMSA
57.May-2014NAS National and state report
58.Sep-2014NCERT- NAS Class VIII Technical report
59.Nov-2015Information and Communication Mapping Report
60.May-2012Minutes of National Workshop on e-Procurement (3rd May. 2012)
61.Jul-2015Amendment to the RMSA Manual on Financial Management and Procurement
62.Apr-2014Training modules on science and mathematics by NCERT
63.Feb-2014Cancellation of new schools under RMSA programme (J&K)
64.Feb-2014Instructions for implementing Integrated RMSA
65.Dec-2013School Leadership Programme of School heads in the state in collaboration with NCSL, NUEPA
66.Dec-2013NRG Notification for RMSA
67.Jul-2013Resolution - Integration of ICT, IEDSS, GH and VE under RMSA (English)
68.Jul-2013Resolution - Integration of ICT, IEDSS, GH and VE under RMSA (Hindi)
69.Jun-2013Usage of Indian Language Fonts and Software tools in Govt. departments
70.Mar-2013Reschedule of PAB 2013-14
71.Jan-2013Cancellation of new schools under RMSA in Tamil Naidu
72.Dec-2012DO letter regarding planning and formulation of Annual Plan
73.Dec-2012Letter to State Education Secretaries regarding Prohibition of Unfair Practice in Schools bill, 2012
74.Dec-2012Prohibition of Unfair Practice – Final Draft
75.Sep-2012Implementation of U-DISE for 2012-13
76.Jul-2015Letter to SPDs regarding preparation of procurement plan under RMSA
77.Jul-2012Engagement of MIs for 3rd Party Monitoring work of RMSA
78.Jul-2012Letter dated 12.07.2012-Delayed laying of Annual Reports
79.Jul-2012Letter dated 25th July 2012 on E-procurement
80.May-2012RMSA Annual Plan 2012-13
81.Mar-2012Letter to State Education Secretaries regarding the clarification of utilization of school grant
82.Mar-2012Draft Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Schools Bill 2012-Hindi Version
83.Jul-2015Letter regarding adoption of e-procurement
84.Nov-2011Letter regarding Constitution of School Management Committee under RTE Act
85.Aug-2011Letter regarding Additional Teachers in existing Govt. secondary schools under RMSA
86.Mar-2011Submission of Annual Report and Audited Accounts
87.Feb-2015National Policy on Universal Electronics Accessibility
88.Dec-2014Notification regarding Recurring Proposal under ICT @ School Scheme
89.Mar-2014National ICT Awards to Teacher 2014
90.Feb-2014Cancellation of schools due to discrepancy in U-DISE code in Daman and Diu
91.Feb-2014Cancellation of schools due to discrepancy in U-DISE code in Tripura
92.Jan-2014Cancellation of 200 under ICT@schools in Jammu & Kashmir
93.Jun-2013e-Governance Programme capacities of States and UTs
94.Jun-2013ICT School Scheme
95.Jun-2013National Conference on ICT for School Education
96.Mar-2013Letter to State Education Secretaries for implementation of ICT in School Scheme
97.May-2015ICT in Education
98.Mar-2013National Policy on ICT in Educaiton
100.Jan-2015Advisory to States & UTs for using schools for Skill Development
101.Jan-2015Minutes of Second Guidance Workshop for Vocational Education
102.Oct-2014Notification for setting up of Sector Skill Council
103.Oct-2014Minutes of 2nd Streering Committee Meeting on Skill Development
104.Jul-2015List of QP-NOS as on 24th September, 2014
105.Sep-2014Letter to State Education Secretaries on Implementation of CSS of VSHSE
106.Sep-2014Interim Report on Awarding Credit Points (CP)
107.Sep-2014List of Sectors and Job roles under CSS of VSHSE for Curriculum Development
108.Sep-2014Letter to State Education Secretaries on the Credit Framework
109.Aug-2014Outcome of Workshop on Implementation of CSS of VSHSE - July, 2014
110.Nov-2013Feedback on Job Roles
111.Oct-2013Minutes of 16th Sep Meet on Implementation of CSS of VHSE
112.Jun-2012Checklist and other documents required to be sent by State Govts along with the proposals
113.Jan-2011Cancellation of Girls Hostels in Rahika Block of Madhubani District
114.Aug-2011Letter to State Education Secretaries regarding revised Girls Hostel guidelines
115.Apr-2012Letter to State Education Secretaries regarding revision of norms
116.Mar-2015Check List for 1st RMSA JRM as amended by JS
117.Mar-2015RMSA 1st JRM Aide Memoire 25.01.13 FINAL
118.Mar-2015State Report of Andhra Pradesh
119.Mar-2015State Report of Mizoram
120.Mar-2015State Report of Orissa
121.Mar-2015State Report of Punjab
122.Mar-2015State Report of Rajasthan
123.Mar-2015ToRs for first RMSA JRM final
124.Mar-20152nd Jrm Aide Memmiore
125.Mar-2015Action taken on 1st JRM recommendation-Compilation 23 July 2013Action taken on 1st JRM recommendation-CompilaAction taken on 1st JRM recommendation-Compilation 23 July 2013tion 23 July 2013
126.Mar-2015JRM Schedule_July 26, 2013
131.Feb-2014Release of first Installment towards recurring expenditure of Chhattisgarh
132.Mar-2015RMSA_Aide Memoire_Annexes
133.Mar-2015Presentation by Andhra Pradesh
134.Feb-2014Release of first Installment towards non-recurring expenditure of Chhattisgarh
135.Mar-2015Presentation by DFID
136.Mar-2015Presentation by Gujarat
137.Feb-2014Release of first & final Installment towards recurring expenditure of Manipur
138.Mar-2015Presentation by Kerla
139.Mar-2015Presentation by NCERT
140.Feb-2014Release of final Installment towards recurring expenditure of Mizoram
141.Mar-2015Presentation by Uttrakhand
142.Mar-2015presentation by ap
143.Feb-2014Grant for revalidation to NCT-Delhi
144.Mar-2015presentation by haryana
145.Feb-2014Final Installment towards recurring expenditure of Odisha (NGO-component)
146.Mar-2015presentation by hp
147.Dec-2013Release of first Installment towards recurring expenditure (GEN) of Odisha
148.Mar-2015presentation by mhrd_Deputy_secretary
149.Mar-2015presentation by MHRD_director_school_1
150.Dec-2013Release of first Installment towards recurring expenditure (SC) of Odisha
151.Mar-2015presentation by mizoram
152.Mar-2015presentation by nuepa
153.Aug-2013Release of second Installment towards non-recurring expenditure during 2011-12
154.Mar-2015presentation by tca
155.Mar-2015presentation by tripura
156.Dec-2013Release of first & Final Installment towards recurring expenditure of Odisha (NGO-component)
157.Mar-2015presentation by world bank
158.Mar-2015presntation by tamil naidu
159.Mar-2015presentation by chatisgarh
160.Mar-2015Presentation by Karnataka
161.Mar-2015Presentation by Maharashtra
162.Mar-2015Presentation by MHRD_teacher
163.Jun-2013Release of second Installment towards recurring expenditure of Gujarat during 2011-12
164.Mar-2015Presentation by NCERT
165.Mar-2015Presentation by Punjab
166.Jun-2013Release of final Installment towards recurring expenditure of NCT-Delhi (NGO-component) during 2010-11
167.Mar-2015Presentation by Himachal Pradesh on UDISE
168.Mar-2015Presentation by Punjab
169.Mar-2015Presentation by Uttar Pradesh
170.Mar-20153rd Jrm Aide Memmiore
171.Mar-2015Annexes 3rd Jrm Aide Memmiore
172.Mar-20154th JRM Aide Memoire
173.May-2013Release of balance grant of Haryana for the year 2010-11
174.May-2013Reimbursement of Grants for Integrated Education for Disable Children (IEDC) scheme of Manipur during 2010-11
175.Feb-2013Centrally Sponsored Scheme of IEDC- Implementation in the State of Manipur during 2010-11 - Reimbursement of Grants
176.Jan-2013Grants of Haryana for the Year 2012-13 - Revalidation
177.Jan-2013Release of second Installment towards recurring expenditure in Gujarat
178.Aug-2012Release of grant on full reimbursement bases of Mizoram during 2010-11
179.Aug-2012Release of first & final Installment towards recurring expenditure during 2010-11 (Tamil Nadu)
180.Aug-2012Release of first & final Installment towards recurring expenditure of Madhya Pradesh (NGO-component) during 2009-10
181.Aug-2011Release of first Installment of general expenditure of Tripura during 2011-12
182.Aug-2011State Wise release of funds under IEDSS during 2011-12
183.Mar-2015Setting up of National Mission on RMSA
184.Mar-2015Report on Cabe Committee
185.Mar-2015Approval for 2014-15
186.Mar-2015Approval for 2013-14
187.Mar-2015Approval for 2011-12
188.Mar-2015Approval for 2010-11
189.Mar-2015Approval for 2009-10
190.Mar-2015Status of Teacher Recruitment as on Oct. 2014
191.Mar-2015Status of Teacher Training as on Nov. 2014
192.Mar-2015Unit cost of Toilet Blocks under RMSA for 2014-15
193.Aug-2014Comprehensive information on ICT Scheme
194.Aug-2014Progress Report for ICT Scheme
195.Aug-2014Format for Utilization Certificate
196.Aug-2014Questionnaire for third party evaluation
197.Apr-2015National ChildAward for Exceptional Achievement
198.Apr-2015National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme
199.Apr-2015National Scheme of Incentives to Girls for Secondary Education
200.Apr-2015National Talent Search Exam
201.Apr-2015Pre Metric Scholarship Scheme (for minority community students)
202.Apr-2015Scholarship Scheme for Children Engaged in Unclean Occupation
203.Apr-2015Scholarships to the Other Backward Classes for Studies in India
204.Jan-20131st JRM Aide Memoire
205.Aug-20132nd JRM Aide Memoire
206.Jan-20143rd JRM Aide Memoire
207.Aug-20144th JRM Aide Memoire
208.Jan-20155th JRM Aide Memoire
209.Apr-2015Implementation Guidelines for Vocational Education
210.Apr-2015Assessing Learning Outcomes: Policies, Progress and Challenges
211.Apr-2015National Achievement Survey- Class V
212.Apr-2015NAS Class V: National Summary Report
213.Aug-2014List of schools approved under VE
214.Aug-2014Vocational Curriculum Development Status
215.Jul-2013Release of first & Final Installment towards recurring expenditure of Odisha (NGO-component)
216.May-2015Assessment Framework
217.May-2015Item Response Theory in NAS
218.Sep-20156th JRM Aide Memoire
219.Nov-2015Swachh Vidyalaya: Digital Driving Delivery
220.Nov-2015FAQ on U-DISE
221.Nov-2015U-DISE Data Collection Guidelines
222.Nov-2015Self Help Guide for U-DISE
223.Nov-2015What is the National Achievement Survey
224.Nov-2015Why NAS Matters?
225.Nov-2015Why Data Matters?
226.Nov-2015Why Planning Matters?
227.Nov-2015NAS Class V Summary Report- Cycle 4
228.Nov-2015NAS Class VIII Technical Report- Cycle 3
229.Nov-2015Revision of “Food & Lodging” Norms
230.May-2016Large Scale Learning Assessments- A Handbook for the Indian Context
231.May-2016Characteristics of Teachers Teaching Mathematics and Science
232.May-2016NAS Class X Summary Report
233.May-2016Report on State Level U-DISE Review
234.May-2016U-DISE Data Quality Assurance Report
235.May-2016Design for U-DISE Data Validation Tool (U-DVT)
236.May-2016Guidelines to Develop EMIS for Education Department
237.May-2016Information Management and Use (U-DISE) Review Report
238.May-2016Research Priority Framework- Secondary Education
239.May-2016Research Quality Assessment Framework
240.May-2016Demographic Transition and Education Planning
241.May-2016Equity and Efficiency in Expansion of Secondary Schools
242.May-2016Efficient School Citing using GIS Modelling
243.May-2016The Shifting Terrain of Public and Private Provision
244.May-2016Making it Past Elementary Education
245.May-2016Cost and Equity in Accessing Secondary Education
246.May-2016Private Tuition: Extent, Pattern and Determinants
247.May-2016Equity in Access and Learning
248.May-2016Policy Brief 1- Constraints on Achievement of RMSA Targets
249.May-2016Policy Brief 2- Equity Implications for Expansion of Secondary Education
250.May-2016Policy Brief 3- Efficient Use of Resources to Expand Secondary Education
251.May-2016How to Guide for Decentralised Planning
252.May-2016Model Community Procurement Guidelines
253.May-2016RMSA AWP&P Appraisal Guide
254.May-2016RMSA AWP&B Monitoring Framework
255.May-2016School Development and Performance Management Baseline Report
256.May-2016School Performance Management International Practices
257.May-2016A Guide to Quality Assessment
258.May-2016School Quality Indicators
259.May-2016Training Design for School Evaluation
260.May-2016Guidelines to Develop HRIS for Education Departments
261.May-2016Human Resources Policy Development Guidelines
262.May-2016RMSA Teacher In-service Training Evaluation
263.May-2016Systematic Review Madhya Pradesh
264.May-2016Systematic Review karnataka
265.May-2016Systematic Review Assam
266.May-2016Teacher Management Needs Assessment Report
267.May-2016Teacher Management in India: A Documentary Analysis of the current situation
268.May-2016Policy Brief 4: Characteristics of Schools with Better Performing Students
269.May-2016Policy Brief 5- Characteristics of Teachers Teaching Mathematics and Science
270.May-2016Policy Brief 6- Improving In-service Teacher Training
271.May-2016Information Note 1- Initial Evidence on School Size and Siting
272.May-2016Information Note 2- Improving Teacher Management and Development: Key themes for State Level Reform
273.May-2016Information Note 3- Improving Teacher Management and Development: Developing Key Themes for HRMIS
274.May-2016How to Guide 1- Item Writing for Large Scale Assessment Surveys
275.May-2016How to Guide 2- Linguistic Quality Assurance in Large Scale Learning Assessments
276.May-2016How to Guide 3- Field Operations in Large Scale Learning Assessments
277.May-2016How to Guide 4- Data Management in Large Scale Learning Assessments
278.May-2016How to Guide 5- Sampling in Large Scale Learning Assessments
279.May-2016How to Guide 6- Data Analysis and Interpretation in Large Scale Learning Assessments
280.May-20167th JRM Aide Memoire
281.May-2016Guidelines for Teacher Continuous Professional Development for RMSA
282.Jun-2016Secondary School Preparedness Program- Framework
283.Jun-2016Teacher Demand and Supply Study
284.Jun-2016Final Report- Technical Assistance to Accelerate RMSA
285.Jun-2016Formative Evaluation: RMSA In-service Teacher Training Evaluation
286.Jun-2016Accelerating Progress towards RMSA Goals
287.Jun-2016Context Study Tools and Report-Bihar
288.Jun-2016Context Study Tools and Report-Madhya Pradesh
289.Jun-2016Context Study Tools and Report-Odisha
290.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Papers- Bihar
291.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Papers- Odisha
292.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Papers- Madhya Pradesh
293.Jun-2016Analyzing the Diagnostic Test Data
294.Jun-2016Analysis of Diagnostic Test-Bihar
295.Jun-2016Analysis of Diagnostic Tests-Odisha
296.Jun-2016Analysis of Diagnostic Tests-Madhya Pradesh
297.Jun-2016Material Development- Madhya Pradesh
298.Jun-2016Material Development- Bihar
299.Jun-2016Material Development- Odisha
300.Jun-2016Teacher Training- Bihar
301.Jun-2016Teacher Training- Odisha
302.Jun-2016Monitoring Tools- Bihar
303.Jun-2016State Experiences- Monitoring and Support Bihar
304.Jun-2016Findings and Analysis of Post Intervention Tests Bihar
305.Jun-2016Findings and Analysis of Post Intervention Tests Madhya Pradesh
306.Jun-2016Case Study- Bihar
307.Jun-2016Case Study-Odisha
308.Jun-2016Case Study-Madhya Pradesh
309.Jun-2016Diagnostic Test Analysis- Odisha
310.Jun-2016Programme Logic Model for SSPP
311.Jun-2016Learning Indicators- Bihar
312.Jun-2016Learning Indicators- Madhya Pradesh
313.Jun-2016Sample Learning Indicators
314.Jun-2016Secondary School Preparedness Programmme Handbook
315.Jun-2016GIS Based Analysis for Planning School Locations
317.Oct-20168th JRM Aide Memmiore
318.Oct-20168th JRM Aide Memiore
319.Apr-2017Draft guidelines to identify and offer financial support to village level skilled and semi-skilled persons to apprentice students in rural schools -- Comments on these guidelines may be sent by 27th April, 2017 at the e-mail id:
320.Mar-2017Guidelines for the States/UTs to engage quality contractual vocational trainers in schools
321.Apr-2017Expression of Interest (EOI) for Services of a Consultancy Organization
322.Apr-2017Minutes of first meeting of Consultancy Evaluation Committee (CEC) on EoI for review/appraisal of RMSA
323.Apr-2017Minutes of second meeting of CEC for selection of consultant for review/appraisal of RMSA
324.Jun-2017The list of new job roles identified under the scheme of Vocationalisation of Secondary.
325.Jun-2017Vocational Education Status 2017

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